1. 15 arthropleura

Arthropleura was a giant centipede that was the size of a crocodile. It was a herbivore but had a venomous bite for protection.

  1. 14 quetzalcoatlus

A giant pterosaur that would sometimes have battles with t.rex.

  1. 13 troodon

A cousin of velociraptor,troodon was the smartest dinosaur found.

  1. 12 proceratosaurus

Proceratosaurus was an ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex with a horn on its nose.

  1. 11 raptorex

A velociraptor sized cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex

  1. 10 coelophysis

Coelophysis was a small dinosaur but very strong it even ate crocodiles

  1. 9 velociraptor

Velociraptor was a carnivore from China and Mongolia.

  1. 8 alioramus

A cousin of tyrannosaurus

  1. 7 deinonychus

A large cousin of velociraptor

  1. 6 carcharodontosaurus

A rival of spinosaurus

  1. 5 Gorgosaurus

A cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex

  1. 4 spinosaurus

The largest carnivorous dinosaur


The largest raptor ever

  1. 2 Giganotosaurus

On of the largest carnivores that terrorized Argentina,102-98 million years ago.

  1. 1/2 Tyrannosaurus rex a large carnivore that terrorized Wyoming,Colorado,Utah,both Dakotas,Montana,Alberta,and Oklahoma 65 million years ago.
  2. 1 liopleurodon

A sperm whale sized short necked plesiosaur that could swallow 400 pounds of fish in 28 seconds.

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